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The Rosary Catholic Primary School

About Catholic Education

This school sees Religious Education as the Core and Foundation of the entire educational process. Because of this, each child is valued for what he/she is rather than for what he/she can do and every child is given equal opportunity for development to the highest potential. Through Religious Education we communicate the beliefs and values which should inspire and unify every aspect of school life and the Curriculum. This gives the Rosary its distinctive nature as a Catholic School.

Children who become part of The Rosary Catholic Primary School are enabled to be in touch with God, to know his Church and to know the meaning of Discipleship. We believe that Religious Education is not a subject among many but the foundation of the entire education process. In addition to studying the Life and Teachings of Jesus, the children study a variety of World Faiths. This enables our children to understand more about the larger community outside home and school. We show the similarities rather than the differences. We have a duty to foster these similarities because God made all men and women to dwell on earth in harmony.

We ensure that a minimum of 10% of Curriculum time is allocated for RE teaching across all key stages. The requirements of the RE curriculum are met through following the Religious Education Directory, 'To know you more clearly' set out by the Bishop’s Conference of England Wales. All requirements at The Rosary are met at a standard that equals or is better than those of Literacy at all key stages and Foundation stage.


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