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The Rosary Catholic Primary School

Story Time

Stories provide many psychological and educational benefits for children. They enhance imagination; taking them to new, exciting and far-flung places, meeting different characters all with different attributes and personalities, as well as improving their vocabulary, helping visualise spoken words and refining communication skills.

Reading to your child also helps to calm your child, give them comfort, reassurance, confidence and security, relaxation, happiness and fun.

If children are read to daily, for pleasure, it greatly increases their academic readiness and success.

At The Rosary, we prioritise story time, reading a book to the class everyday. We ensure that the children choose a book that they want to read, using a voting system or we choose a book that we feel will inspire the them. We give each child the opportunity to choose a book to share at home with you every week from our school library. We also have books that we use to teach the children about the topic that we are learning about. These will be shared with you via our Knowledge Organisers and Reception Newsletters.

Please do not forget your local library. There are local libraries in Heston and Osterley as well as many more across Hounslow and Ealing. You can sign up for free and take home a selection of books that you and your child have chosen, for a period of time. This is a fantastic way to experience a wide range of books for no cost at all.

Below are some stories that we recorded during Covid Lockdown. There is a real joy for the children watching their teacher read a story online. So, please sit down, relax in a comfortable space and watch 'Story Time' with your child. We hope that you enjoy!