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The Rosary Catholic Primary School

Welcome from our Parish Priest

Welcome From Fr Luigi, our Parish Priest

The relationship between The Rosary Catholic Primary School and our Parish goes back to the foundation of both institutes and therefore is now embedded into the history and identity of this community. This relationship is a strong one which can only be strengthened as the years go by.

Faith is a gift from God which we all receive at Baptism and it is only through the cooperation of families, school and Parish that we can help it grow and mature. The family is of course where foundations are laid and through a Catholic education and upbringing these can be strengthened; it is therefore our duty as Parish and school to build on the foundations that parents have laid for their own children. Many generations have gone through The Rosary and many still now benefit from that formation and education they received in the early years of their school life. Through their years in a Catholic Primary school, our children are learning the standards of life and social skills that will help them mature into great men and women.

Catholic schools do not exist to substitute the fundamental role of parents as teacher of faith, but they exist to ensure that our children receive a sound education in the light of the Church’s teaching, helping their faith to grow and blossom. We are lucky to be part of a very diverse and open community that surely helps our children to learn even more how to put into practice the Gospel values of love and acceptance above all.
Our Parish community and The Rosary work closely together to offer our children the best possible experience of their practice of faith but also making sure they see themselves as part of a wider community that goes beyond the boundaries of either the school or the Parish. The staff work hard to make sure the ethos and the mission statement of the school is understood and put into practice by our children.

We are all fully committed to make sure that the children attending our school have the best possible experience and that they may grow together in the light of the Gospel.
We pray that God will always bless our school and accompany us on our journey!

Fr Luigi